Posted by: darthskywalker | April 21, 2010

Mercury Rising!

Its definitely not an ideal situation to be  as i and around 3000 other students of the National Institute of Technology,Durgapur,India are finding themselves in.with the surface temperature here touching almost 50 degrees,we ,the future technologists are being roasted alive in this godforsaken place.well almost!

What is it with these highly inflated temperatures?what is more frustrating is the fact that this sudden change in weather coincided with the commencement of our semester examinations!aarggh!!the unbearable heat..and yes i will talk about the the most cliched cause of it all–yes you got it right–global warming and its nefarious effects.what is ironic is the fact that we continued to pointlessly talk about the various ill effects of it without really implementing  a strategic solution to the various problems.countries failed to form a consensus in order to find a n appropriate remedy to the aforesaid problems.the IPCC has no idea as to which direction they are heading towards.Also India’s honorable minister of state for environment and forests Jairam Ramesh’s apparent confession that “the Government had digressed fro its pre-Copenhagen assurance by allowing provision for international consultation and analysis” did not impress certain sections of THE intelligentsia.

Phew!finally some cool breeze..a temporary respite from the stifling Thy Almighty!

“But if we allow this(global rise in temperatures) to happen it would be deeply and unforgivably would condemn coming generations to a catastrophically diminished future..”             —  Al Gore(An Incovenient Truth)



  1. too small……needs to be a litl more subjective……has many issues related with it……writing style is good…….

  2. nicely and precisely written by the mr. statesman of nit DGP
    a new style of reporting that uve adopted is pretty cool
    but i never thought u were actually concerned so much about the global warming
    maybe its the exam in heat which has got into ur head

  3. @ bitan..
    well to start with i wrote the article at 4 in the morning..!!and the heat is just killing.!!

  4. man,it was quite fabulous.i totally agree being myself a part of nat. institute of tech,dgp.but i dont think its fair 2 take on our respected environment minister like dis.he fought for the BASIC nations bravely at the World climate conference held at copenhagen.

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